Exhibitions September 2017

MAQUINARIA AGRICOLA SOLA will participate in many exhibitions over the coming months. Durig the month of SEPTEMBER of 2017we will be present in the following agricultural machinery fairs:

NATIONAL (Spanish) Exhibitions:

AGRO ALTA SEGARRA: 1st and 2nd September (Calaf)

FEMAG: 1st, 2nd and 3rd September (Benavente)

SALAMAQ: From 6h to 10th September (Salamanca)

EUROFRUIT - SANT MIQUEL: From 28th to 1st October (Lleida)



INNOV-AGRI the 6th and 7th September. (Ondes - Francia)

AGROMALIM: From 7th to 10th September (Arad - Romania)


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