Vesta 2813

Seed drill with large load capcaity (7100 liters), equipped with universal quick coupling of 3 points (Category II-III) that allows the coupling of different seeding equipment. Wide range of dosing configurations (up to 4 different products), driven by mechanical or electrical transmission. Pneumatic transport system with high flow turbine and hydraulic drive. 

Seeding equipment

The main sowing train and preferred by users is the "SM Vesta", which allows optimum sowing adapting to different working conditions, wether direct sowing, minimum tillage or conventional sowing. You can also choose between seeding equipment of tine coulters, suffoulk coulters, discs, double disc or our new PT grid. 

Trolley features

-          Hopper of 7100 liters capacity, large top opening for load with shovel.

-          Available combined version fertilizer-seed up to 250 Kg/Ha of fertilizer (60/40% or 30/70% divisions)

-          Fast coupling of 3 points category II-III

-          Exterior and interior stairway access to the hopper 

-          Rear auxiliary connections and Led working lights 

-          Large capacity hydraulic turbine

-          Hydraulic brakes

-          Hydraulic folding foot

-          Floating tires 550/60R22.5

Sowing Train SM features

-          Reinforced tips with anti-wear tugsteno

-          6, 7 and 7.5 meters of working width - Transport width 3 meters

-          3 articulated sections mounted on floating parallelograms with regulation spindles

-          Control wheels on the wings. Wheels in the central part in single and double rake version. 

-          Distance between arms 16,4 cm (4 rows - 40 cm spacing) or 20 cm (3 rows - 80 cm spacing)

-          Single rake (elbow), double (straight/elbow) or single roller/rake

-          1 or 2 distributor heads (possibility of cutting half machine)

-          Led transport lights, signs and license plate holder

6 independent track erasers

Microgranulator exterior kit up to 70 Kg/Ha (2 tanks of 205 Lts.)

Track eraser

Pivoting ring hook (Cat. 4) or ball (K-80)

Hydraulic independent circuit for turbine (TDF)