The heart of the Elektra system consists of a step-by-step electric motor that drives the metering unit.
This solution gives the system countless advantages compared to others on the market, most notably:

Longer working life of the motor.
Greater precision in rotation (no intertia or slippage).
Greater precision in rotation of the planting discs.

AE-certified ISOBUS connection. (Check compatibility between ECU and VT)
Very intuitive, user-friendly system with graphical interface to provide all the necessary information during planting.
Option to control all planter inputs from the same monitor (seed, granulated fertiliser, micro-granulated fertiliser, liquid fertiliser, inoculant, etc.)
Option to control a front hopper from the same monitor. 
Straightforward modification of input doses directly from the tractor cabin.
Very fast communication between planter components. 
Different virtual terminals available in 8'' and 12'', optional for non-ISOBUS tractors. One terminal for all applications and work teams.
Option to modify the dose of inputs by means of prescription maps. 

Control of seed dose row-by-row using prescription maps. 
Alarm control system through numerical identification for easier diagnosis and troubleshooting. 
Decrease in the planter's moving parts (no chains, drive wheels, clutches, etc.)
Control system based on the application of use licences according to the farmer's specific needs: cutting of sections row-by-row, single or multi-product variable dose, control of tasks, control of direction, etc. 
Record of all activities carried out by the machine. 
Fully configurable product database. 
Different guide modes for manual or automatic options (contour, parallel, head, circle, etc.)

More than 50 preset tramline rhythms and possibility of customising other rhythms for special applications. 
Option to include different speed sources (GPS antenna, radar, via can bus, simulated).

Different GPS receiver options adapted to the customer's needs, according to the type of signal to be used (EGNOS, WAAS, GLONASS, TERRASTAR, RTK).

1 Articulated parallelograms system for great stability and amplitude of travel, ensuring perfect adaptation to the planting surface. 
2 Row unit pressure by load spring with adjustment via 6-position lever. 
3 Self-lubricating sintered bushing for durable articulation systems with zero maintenance for the planting season. 
4 50-litre seed hopper. 
5 Metering unit with suction dosing system, made of high resistance polymers for a long working life and minimum maintenance.
6 Easy-access planting discs inspection window.
7 Extremely easy replacement of the planting discs thanks to its patented fixing system.
8 Emptying of the seed doser through a trap in the bottom of the distributor.
9 Continuous adjustment of planting depth by means of a crank ensures seed planting is carried out correctly at the required depth (deep planting kit option).
10 Internal and external planting discs cleaners made of anti-wear steel.
11 Row unit pressure adjustment by spring and a 5-position lever.
12 Regulation of the covering wheels angle by 4-position lever.
13 External scrapers on depth-control wheel
14 Semi-pneumatic depth control wheels ø400 x 115 mm with bearings fitted with triple dust protection.
15 Optimum furrow opening thanks to the low angle between the discs, which ensures a perfect seed emergence with the lowest power consumption, through ø15'' planting discs with bearings fitted with triple dust protection. 
16 Interchangeable seed tube protective blade.
17 Seed tube with anti-wear protection.
18 Semi-pneumatic ø13''x2'' covering wheels with bearings fitted with triple dust protection.
19 Planting depth controlled directly on the point of the drop of the seed.
20  Height-adjustable front clod remover with furrower blade to ensure correct preparation of the seedbed.
21 Automatic Row Unit exclusion.
22 Revolutionary step-by-step electric motor transmission system. The advantages of this system are numerous: long working life for motors; improved planting precision; possibility of planting by independent variables doses row-by-row; easy, simple adjustment of planting rate from the tractor cab; ISOBUS communication protocol; cutting sections row-by-row; easy, simple adjustment of planting rate from the tractor cab; ISOBUS communication protocol; cutting sections row-by-row; pre-loading of the dosing Row Unit; statistic information on planting activities.
23 Standard planting discs included.