Last 9th, 10th and 11th of May we were in DEMOAGRO, the huge agricultural machinery demonstration in the field, in property "La Granja", in San Clemente (Cuenca). SOLÁ was there doing many demonstrations. 

Some of the models that were available and working in the contest are the following: VESTA-2813 for NS-PLUS, VESTA-2813, A-6000 SM, SD-5000-600/36 (LAMUSA) -trailed pneumatical-, ARES-2713 Double Disc, ARES-2713 PT arm + AURA-3215 (pressurized front hopper) with 80 roller and connection Ares 600/43, ARES-2713 Bars, CERES-TM-2612 -mounted pneumatical-, GARBÍ-2110 -mounted mechanical- and PROSEM K TELESCOPICA 300/6 -precision-.



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