Our History


The history of Maquinaria Agrícola SOLÀ began with Andreu Solà, the son of a blacksmith with an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural interest in the development of agricultural equipment. He started with the manufacture of shovels, trailed fertilizer spreaders and the first seed drills. He sells them locally.



The first seed drills are sold on the Spanish market, actively participating in the mechanisation of the agricultural field.


The workshop is moved to a new location (on "carretera llarga" in Calaf) and Maquinaria Agrícola Solà, S.L. is founded.


The facilities that will house the factory until the present day are purchased. This new location allows easier access to the railway and lorries for the delivery and distribution of the products.


Development of the Supersem 680 model with 2 rows of sowing arms. The seed is transmitted mechanically by means of cast iron pinions. Export begins at this time, firstly to Mexico.


The 784 model is born, the first with 3 rows of coulters. This advance allows better displacement and less bagging and therefore more efficient sowing.


Euro 888, the seeder that incorporates a cultivator with levelling bar, stands out. It sows with boots for greater precision and ends up with a track that buries the seeds.

This model gave rise to the slogan that would accompany SOLÀ to the present day: The well done sowing.


The first direct seed drill with coulters (then a novelty in Spain) was created, the SUPER 992 model being the result of collaboration with MONSANTO.

A few years earlier, exports to Morocco and Algeria began in order to mechanise the North African market.


Andreu Solà retires, leaving the position to one of his sons, Jordi Solà.
The last machine developed by Andreu is the TRI 194 and TRI 294 - models that are still being sold today.


Andreu Solà passes away and Jordi Solà's management is consolidated.
At the same time, SOLÀ takes over the Lamusa brand and becomes part of the SOLÀ Group.


Jordi Solà's FEMAC Foundation as a founding member.


The first line of pneumatic seed drills is born as a result of the collaboration with the company ACCORD, the NEUMASEM-699 is born.


The Prosem line is born. The single-grain seed drills increase precision as the seed is dropped into the furrow one at a time.

The development of Prosem is carried out in collaboration with the engineer Alfredo Turchetto.


Omnia, the first Prosem model that allows the width between lines to be varied from 45 to 75 cm. This model received multiple awards for innovation. A year later, the trailed Vesta and Ares models for cereal sowing were launched.


Introduction of the Aura model, the pressurised front hopper that can deliver grain or fertilizer.


After almost 8 years of evolutions of the first electrical system with ISOBUS, the Elektra system is born. This will allow the incorporation of technological tools capable of controlling seed drills easily, precisely and intuitively from the tractor cab. It will be adaptable to precision planters and cereal seed drills.


SOLÀ celebrates 50 years since the foundation of Maquinaria Agrícola SOLÀ, S.L. Take the opportunity to take a portrait of the entire staff.


Solà presents the new line of VELOX high-performance precision planters at Agritechnica (Hannover).
VELOX has been designed to maximize yield potential through faster sowing, maintaining a constant depth and ensuring seed-to-soil contact with perfect singulation and spacing, thus promoting rapid and uniform seed germination and growth. of the plant.


After several years knowing the different areas of the company, Ginevra Solà, Jordi's daughter, has taken on the position of assistant manager.
It currently has distributors in more than 30 countries. It participates in the FIMA fair in Zaragoza, INNOV-AGRI in France, Agritechnica in Germany and Agriplanta in Romania.
Nowadays SOLÀ exports 60% of its production, and at the moment it is gaining position in the Eastern markets: Romania, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan,...