The SM-P is a direct seeder with a pressurised hopper with a capacity of 2,000 litres, available in various working widths ranging from 4 m to 7 m. It can also be used for conventional seeding and minimum tillage. Equipped with SM coulters and mounted on a 4-row seeding unit. Its chassis is made of high elastic limit steel and its distribution system is by means of a double external head.

Pressurised hopper.
For direct seeding, conventional seeding and minimum tillage.
Double outer distributor head.
Quick and easy calibration from ISOBUS monitor.
Interchangeable modular roller metering unit with ISOBUS electric drive.
ISOBUS electric drive.
Efficient hopper emptying.
Increased seed distribution capacity.
Reduced tractor hydraulic oil consumption.
Increased homogeneity of product distribution.
Optimum product preservation due to hermetic sealing.
Lower tractor fuel consumption.
Floating chassis in three sections.
Easy and intuitive operation from the tractor cab.


Equipped with SM-1909, VESTA, SM-P, CERES and SD-3115. Multi-purpose seeding arm, for no till, minimum tillage and conventional seeding. Interchangeable Tungsten Carbide tip with high resistance to wear and very easy to change by means of a single screw.  The coulters behind the roller have individual depth adjustment. The 16 mm thick, high-strength steel arm allows seeding in the most demanding conditions, with reduced maintenance costs.

  1.     Double seeding pressure spring.
  2.     Arm built in high resistance steel.
  3.     Interchangeable coulter in anti-wear material and tungsten carbide tip.
  4.     Applicator boot with anti-wear treatment.
  5.     High resistance connection sleeve and flange.
  6.     Seed transport tube in anti-static material.
  7.     Individual pressure adjustment of the sowing coulter.
  8.     Individual depth adjustment (in adjustable versions).

    Siembra Directa            

SM coulter for no till.

  400/25 500/31 600/37 700/43
Furrower type SM
Working width [m] 4 5 6 7
Number of rows 4 4 4 4
Transport width [m] 3,05
Number of rows 25 31 37 43
Row spacing [cm] 16,0 16,1 16,2 16,3
Hopper capacity [l] 2000
Weight of machine with track eradicators [kg] - - 2330 -
Reload height [cm] 2560
Reload opening [cm] 110X105
Coupling category Cat. III 
Minimum power required [hp] (1) 120 140 160 180
Main wheels/tyres Flotation wheels [340/55-16]
Metering unit drive ISOBUS electric
Speed connection Optional, see chap. "GNSS receivers"
Turbine drive Choose between mechanical with PTO drive shaft at 1000 rpm or hydraulic
Required hydraulic flow [l] 30
Double spring harrow Optional. First row of angled tines and second row of straight tines.
Removable selector sieve Standard
Seed dose calibration kit Side, easy and precise
Controller/monitor From ISOBUS monitor (optional, see chap. "Control monitors")
Signal lights and work lights Standard
Depth control wheel equipment: number 2 wheels on wings and 2 wheels on central part 4 wheels on wings and 2 wheels on central part
Main wheel scrapers Standard
Half-width cut-off  Optional, can be manual or automatic with GPS antenna