D-903/3000  D-903 PLUS 3000
The D-903 is a trailed fertiliser spreader with a capacity of 2,600 litres.
Fertiliser distribution with double stainless steel plate and regulating vanes.
Easy to use and robust construction.
The working width ranges from 30-36 metres.
Width of limiting screen 15-18m.
Margin limiter available.
Hopper capacity D-903 [l] 2.600
Working width D-903 [m] 15-24
Hopper capacity D-903 PLUS [l] 2.600
Working width D-903 PLUS [m] 30-36
Spreader Two stainless steel discs
Spreader drive Via PTO drive shaft transmission with safety clutch
Spreader opening control Hydraulic
Lights Standard or optional depending on the equipment selected
Transport wheels 12.5/80-15.3 14PR
Brakes Standard or optional depending on the equipment selected. Synchronised hydraulic brake for operation and mechanical parking brake.
Weight [kg] 850
Diameter of the hole for the coupling pin [mm] 40
Selector sieve Standard
Agitator Standard
Limiter screen Standard, with mechanical drive. Work with left side only (right side will be closed).
Foldable hopper Standard, to facilitate cleaning
Signal retro-reflectors Standard 
Road transport type approval Check available type approvals per market