ISOBUS applications and functions


ISOBUS implement control activated. Therefore, the corresponding terminal complies with the ISOBUS standard.
It can be used as a Universal Terminal (UT) to control any implement that complies with the standard, regardless of the manufacturer.


The Section Control (SC) application allows a section control to be carried out automatically. The position of the machine is set by a GPS antenna. To
prevent overlapping at the boundaries of the plot, at the heads or near obstacles, section sowing is automatically deactivated (rows in the case of precision
planters), half-width (cereal seeders) or the entire working width.
Advantages of SC:
By minimising overlapping, significant savings are made in terms of seed and fertiliser.
• Plant overpopulation is avoided. This means better plant growth and better yield.
• Uniform sowing quality.
• Facilitates the user's work. Less stress.
• Respects the environment.
Requirements: Universal Terminal ISOBUS UT, Track Leader TL, GPS antenna.


When it is connected to a GPS antenna, this application allows precise driving in parallel tracks, heads or in contour mode, as well as in poor visibility
conditions. Obstacles can be marked and saved along with plot boundaries and guide rows. When a job is interrupted, it can be saved and resumed at any
Requirements: Universal Terminal ISOBUS UT, GPS antenna.


The ISOBUS Task Controller application allows the easy transfer of data from the PC to the ISOBUS terminal. It is also possible to document and transfer
planting ratios, hectares sown and other types of data collected during sowing from the terminal to the PC.
Advantages of the TC:
• Easy exchange of data.
• Automatic data collection.
• Structured work due to data management.
• Simple management of plot files.
• Very useful for service companies to invoice and justify the work carried out.
Requirements: Universal Terminal ISOBUS UT.


This application is ideal for completing simultaneous jobs with different products (seeds, fertiliser, microgranular products, etc.).
With MULTI Control, a separate prescription map can be assigned to each product, which allows you to do separate variable doses for each product being
applied. Along with Section Control, it allows you to carry out section controls for each product, provided the machine allows this.
Requirements: Universal Terminal ISOBUS UT, Section Control SC, Task Controller TC, GPS antenna.


It shows the tramline rhythm selected by the driver on the TRACK Leader screen. This allows the driver to work in preset pattern intervals, meaning that
manoeuvring at the heads in order to drive along the adjacent guide row is not necessary.
Requirements: Universal Terminal ISOBUS UT, Track Leader TL.


The ISOBUS Variable Rate function allows a specific product quantity to be applied using prescription or yield maps.
Advantages of Variable Rate:
• Product savings (seed, fertiliser, microgranular product, etc.). Only the required product quantity is applied.
• Uniform plant emergence with an optimal number of seeds/m2.
• Easy and quick documentation.
• The different product application rates are documented automatically.
• Simple transmission of data to plot files.
• Simple management of plot files.
• Facilitates the user's work. Less stress.
• The plots are sown and fertilised automatically with the optimal application ratio.
• Respects the environment.
Requirements: Universal Terminal ISOBUS UT, Track Leader TL, Section Control SC, GPS antenna, prescription or yield maps.