The CERES is a no till seed drill with a capacity of 2,400 litres. Its patented hydraulic folding system allows it to go from a transport width of 3m to a working width of 4m in a very practical way. It is a very robust seeder, ideal for obtaining maximum performance from low power tractors (100hp).

Compact in transport and extendable in work.
Robust, reliable and simple design.
Floating wheels and damping system.
Two-section floating seeding unit.
For no till, minimum tillage and conventional seeding.



Equipped with SM-1909, VESTA, SM-P, CERES and SD-3115. Multi-purpose seeding arm, for no till, minimum tillage and conventional seeding. Interchangeable Tungsten Carbide tip with high resistance to wear and very easy to change by means of a single screw.  The coulters behind the roller have individual depth adjustment. The 16 mm thick, high-strength steel arm allows seeding in the most demanding conditions, with reduced maintenance costs.

  1.     Double seeding pressure spring.
  2.     Arm built in high resistance steel.
  3.     Interchangeable coulter in anti-wear material and tungsten carbide tip.
  4.     Applicator boot with anti-wear treatment.
  5.     High resistance connection sleeve and flange.
  6.     Seed transport tube in anti-static material.
  7.     Individual pressure adjustment of the sowing coulter.
  8.     Individual depth adjustment (in adjustable versions).

    Siembra Directa            
Frame Patented telescopic frame system and foldable spring harrow for transport at 3 m
Furrower type SM
Working width [m] 4
Number of rows 4
Transport width [m] 3
Number of rows 25
Row spacing [cm] 16,0
Hopper capacity [l] 2.400
Weight of machine [kg] 2870
Reload height [cm] 186
Reload opening [cm] 282x98
Minimum power required [hp] 110
Oscillating coupling bar Standard. Included in the price of the machine.
Transport wheels 400/60-15.5
Braking Standard. With 3-position valves
Depth control wheels Standard. 2 wheels
Metering unit drive Mechanical with speed variator
Track eradicators Standard. 4 adjustable arms
Spring harrow Two rows. First row of angled tines and second row of straight tines. Standard
Damping Standard. Hydraulic system
Removable selector sieve Standard
Seed dose calibration kit Standard
Signal lights Standard
Main wheel scrapers Standard
Depth control wheel scrapers Optional
Road transport type approval Check available type approvals per market