The PROSEM OMNIA is a foldable 12-row seed drill with a row width variable every 5 cm from 45 to 75 cm.
It is always equipped with the PROSEM K ELEKTRA seeding unit with electrical distribution and ISOBUS connection.



"K ELEKTRA" Row Unit

  1. Articulated parallelogram system that provides great stability and a wide range of travel for perfect adaptation to the sowing surface.
  2. Pressure loading spring of the seeding unit with 6-position lever adjustment.
  3. Self-lubricating sintered bushes that provide great durability to the articulation systems with zero maintenance during the sowing campaign.
  4. Seed hopper with a capacity of 50 litres.
  5. Metering unit with suction dosing system, built in high resistance polymers that give it a long useful life and minimum maintenance.
  6. Easily accessible seed disc inspection window.
  7. Extremely easy replacement of the seeding disc thanks to the patented seeding disc locking system.
  8. Emptying of the seed dosing unit by means of a flap in the lower part of the distributor.
  9. Continuous adjustment of the sowing depth by means of a crank handle that ensures correct seed implantation at the desired depth (high depth sowing kit option).
  10. Internal and external seeding disc cleaners made of anti-wear steel.
  11. Spring and 5-position lever to adjust the pressure of the plugging element.
  12. 4 position lever for adjusting the angle of the capping wheels.
  13. External scrapers on depth control wheels.
  14. Semi-pneumatic depth control wheels ø400 x 115 mm with bearings equipped with triple dust protection.
  15. Optimum furrow opening thanks to the low angle between the discs, which ensures perfect seed emergence with the lowest power consumption, by means of ø 15" sowing discs with bearings equipped with triple dust ingress protection.
  16. Interchangeable protective boot for the seed tube.
  17. Seed tube with wear protection.
  18. ø13" x 2" semi-pneumatic covering wheels with bearings equipped with triple protection against dust ingress.
  19. Planting depth controlled directly on the seed drop point.
  20. Height adjustable front tines with furrow-opening blade ensure correct preparation of the seed bed.
  21. Automatic element exclusion.
  22. Revolutionary transmission system with step-by-step electric motors. The advantages of this system are numerous: long motor life, improved seeding precision, possibility of seeding with independent variable rates row by row, easy and simple seeding rate adjustment from the tractor cab, ISOBUS communication protocol, row-by-row section cutting, pre-loading of the metering element, statistical information on seeding activities.   
  23. One standard seeding disc included.

Large sowing width up to 9m.
Transport in 3m when folded.
Variable spacing with 12 rows.
Precision farming: variable metering and GPS-controlled cutting.

Frame type Double-bar telescopic frame with vertical foldable wings via a hydraulic drive
Coupling category Cat. III
Number of rows 12
Row spacing [cm] (1) 45-75 (all every 5 cm)
Working width [m] Variable between 5.40 and 9
Total working width [m] Variable between 6.3 and 9.1
Working and transport length [m] 2,4
Working height with fertiliser/without fertiliser [m] 2.55 / 1.80
Transport width [m] 3,05
Transport height [m] 3,2
Weight of base machine [kg] 3500
Transport width on lorry folded/open [m] 3.05 / 6.3
Transport height on lorry folded/open [m] 3.2 / 2.55
Transport length on lorry [m] 2,4
Sowing distance changing From ISOBUS monitor (not included as standard, see chap. "Control monitors")
Turbine drive Mechanical with PTO drive shaft at 540 rpm (hydraulic as an option).
PTO drive shaft Length 800 mm couplings Z6/Z6 (other options available)
Number of support or transmission wheels 4 support
Wheel dimensions  2 23 x 8.5 wheels + 2 23 x 10.5 wheels
Seed metering unit drive ISOBUS electric
Speed connection 7-pin. Other options available in chap. "GNSS receivers"
Sowing control From ISOBUS monitor (not included as standard, see chap. "Control monitors")
ISOBUS compatibility Verify compatibility between ECU and ISOBUS terminal of the tractor - See chap. "ISOBUS compatibility questionnaires"
Tractor hydraulic requirements Frame: 2 DA / Micro: 1 SA + free return / Slug repellent: 1 SA + free return / Hydraulic turbine: 1 SA + free return
Minimum tractor power [hp] 180
Turbine vacuum gauge Analogue vacuum gauge as standard
Section control From ISOBUS monitor (not included as standard, see chap. "Control monitors") - Requires license, speed connection and positioning
Variable dose From ISOBUS monitor (not included as standard, see chap. "Control monitors") - Requires license, speed connection, positioning and prescription maps
Energy generator Power pack with PTO alternator
Seed hopper capacity [l] 50
Depth control wheels 400 x 115 (400 x 65 as an option, recommended for row spacing of less than 45 cm, see chap."Options")
Closing wheels 2" rubber V as standard, for other options see chap. "Options"
Signal lights Standard
Sowing discs 1 set of "standard" discs included with the machine (see chap. "Sowing discs")
Centralised micro capacity [l] 2 x 185
Centralised micro metering unit drive ISOBUS electric (requires a speed connection, optional)
Centralised slug repellent capacity [l] 1 x 185
Centralised slug repellent metering unit drive ISOBUS electric (requires a speed connection, optional)
Fertiliser hopper capacity [l] 1400 or 2000 l front hopper AURA (see chap. "Aura-3215")
Fertiliser metering unit drive Electric or ISOBUS electric (requires an optional speed connection, see chap. "GNSS receivers")