The ARGO is a large seed drill with a working width of 12m.
It has large capacity hoppers of 4,500 litres or 2 x 3,300 litres.
The seeding unit for cereals is a double-disc articulated floating seeding unit.
It can also be fitted with a PROSEM single grain seeding unit.

Can be fitted with a PROSEM precision planter.
Steel hopper with a capacity of 2x3100 litres.
ISOBUS electric interchangeable modular roller distributor.
Distribution of up to 3 products simultaneously.
Hydraulic folding chassis system.





Double disc

Mounted on the TRISEM 2110 and ARGO. Rigid coulter with pressure spring, simple and light for conventional sowing and minimum tillage. It allows sowing with light plant debris due to the cutting capacity of the offset double disc. Adjustable rear wheel for better depth control.

  1. Double opening disc offset by 14” made of boron steel.

  2. Bearing with triple shielding to protect against dust.

  3. Pressure system with protected spring.

  4. Coulter made of high-strength forged steel.

  5. Sowing depth regulation without tools.

  6. Ø320 mm x 50 mm rear depth control wheel.

  7. Seed feed connection sleeve.

  8. Optional front opening tine coulter.



The ARGO for grain seeding unit is equipped with double disc coulters.

Argo with PROSEM sowing equipment

The ARGO offers the possibility of equipping both the disc coulter train and a 12 metre PROSEM precision planter. It's as easy as hooking up one or the other.

Pulled hopper  
Frame type Foldable for transport, in single-bar fixed work with fixed distance between units. Row units clamped to the frame.
Seed hopper capacity [l] 1x4500
Seed/fertiliser hopper capacity [l] 2x3100L
Choose between transport wheel dimensions 650/50R22.5 and 560/60R22.5
Weight of complete machine [kg] 11360
Coupling type Ring (other options available)
Reload height [cm] 325
Reload opening [cm] 144 x 80
Metering unit type Interchangeable modular rollers
Seed metering unit drive ISOBUS electric
Turbine drive Hydraulic
Hopper pressurisation control Analogue vacuum gauge as standard
Speed connection 7-pin. Other options available in chap. "GSS receivers"
Required hydraulic flow [l/min] 100
Tractor hydraulic requirements 1 DA, 3 SA + 1 free return elektra without micro or mechanical with micro
Sowing control From ISOBUS monitor (not included as standard, see chap. "Control monitors")
ISOBUS compatibility Verify compatibility between ECU and ISOBUS terminal of the tractor - See chap. "ISOBUS compatibility questionnaires"
Variable dose From ISOBUS monitor (not included as standard, see chap. "Control monitors") - Requires license, speed connection, positioning and prescription maps
Half-width shut-off Available on seed-only machine
Minimum power required [hp]  240
Removable selector sieve Standard
Signal lights and work lights Optional 
Dose calibration kit Standard
Seeding equipment  
Furrower type DOUBLE DISC
Sowing discs Ø14'' with bearing
Working width [m] 12
Number of rows 2
Transport width [m] 3,66
Number of rows 76
Row spacing [cm] 15,8
Spring harrow One row of angled tines. Optional.
Depth control wheels Standard. 318x50
Hydraulic row markers Optional
Road transport type approval Check available type approvals per market
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