Maquinaria Agrícola Solà is a family-owned business. The story starts with Andreu Solà Suarez, son of a humble blacksmith, who since a very young age highlighted for its entrepreneurial spirit and a natural concern for the development of agricultural equipments. With only 25 years old, man with deep concerns, ambitious and huge entrepreneur, his figure appears as this new force of industrials, many of them self-taught, which made possible the miracle of the economic recovery of the grey post-war years.

We are talking about incipient 60’s, with a post-war panorama, when timidly begins the most important agricultural reconversion of the XX century. 

Solà quickly became a synonym for seeding. At the forefront of new trends, Andreu Solà gains a place in the seed drills market in Spain, becoming a reference for the many technological advances that the machines incorporated.

From the 80’s, Solà distinguishes in a model which presages to be a revolution in Spain and in the rest of Europe. The seed drill EURO-888 model allows to seed and fertilise in a same labour and it adapts to the front compactly, a preparer which anticipates and conditions the seedbed. This model confirms the slogan that identifies Solà: “The well-made sowing”.

In 1996 Mr. Andreu Solà passes away at the early age of 64 years old. In that moment, two of the sons of Andreu, Jordi and Xavier, take over the management of the company and assure its continuity.

There are years of profound structural changes in the industry and particularly in agriculture. In an increasingly globalized world, tremendously competitive, and under the management and guidance of Jordi (CEO of the company), positions the firm in international markets, being present today in more than 25 countries.

Solà actively participates in many of the most prestigious associations in Spain and in Europe, such as AGRAGEX, ANSEMAT, FEMAC, VDMA, etc.

Solà periodically participates in the most important agricultural machinery fairs and exhibitions: SIMA in Paris, FIMA in Zaragoza, EIMA in Bologna and AGRITECHNICA in Hannover, being numerous the recognitions of the technical innovation in such events.

Today Maquinaria Agrícola Solà is a synonym of thoughtfulness and professionality, being thousands the number of satisfied users after using our products.

Nowadays, a new human force grants and encourages the continuity and the future of the company, a third generation of the Solà family, Ginevra Solà, injects illusion and optimism to the development of the third large agricultural revolution: biotechnology and the ICT applied to agriculture.


Highlights of the evolution of Maquinaria Agrícola Solà:

- In 1996 acquires LAMUSA brand and the know-how associated to it (seed drill pioneer company in Spain with more than 100 years of antiquity).

- In 1999 it starts the commercialization of pneumatic seed drills with the well-known “Accord System”.

- In 2003 is starts the development of a new precision planter seed drills PROSEM line.

- In 2009 an important collaboration agreement is signed between CMA and Maquinaria Agrícola Solà, in order to supply and mechanize the Algerian market.

- In 2014 a distribution centre is opened in Burgos and in Seville.