The Solà MINISEED pneumatic seed drill consists of a dosing system for small seeds and micro-granular products
that can be installed on a wide range of machines used in different agricultural tasks.
For the dosing of grass and granulated washes, intermediate crops, intercropping and reseeding.
The 185 and 300 litre capacity of the hoppers are made of powder painted steel, which gives them high mechanical and chemical resistance.

  • Pressurised, watertight hoppers for precise metering and spreading over the entire working width.
  • Ideal preservation of the products to be dosed thanks to the tightness of the hopper.
  • Very easy product refilling thanks to the size of the hopper filler neck.
  • Compact design for installation in confined spaces.
  • Easy emptying of products.
  • Combination possibilities in terms of sizes, tank quantities and number of outlets (up to 36).
  • Hydraulically driven turbine with high blowing capacity and low consumption.
  • Turbine rotation sensor in ISOBUS version.
  • Volumetric metering unit with interchangeable modular rollers for a wide variety of doses and types of seeds and micro granular products.
  • The metering unit is driven by an electric motor.
  • Product metering unit proportional to the seed drill feed rate.
  • Product agitator installed in the lower part of the hopper to facilitate product flow towards the metering unit.
  • Hopper capacity level sensor.
  • Easy and intuitive operation thanks to electronic control monitors and AEF certified ISOBUS connection.
  • Electronics in accordance with the latest technological advances in the field.
  • Can be mounted on virtually any tillage machine, implement and seed drill, regardless of the manufacturer.
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