New high performance planters’ range
 Designed to maximize the yield potential by planting with perfect seed singulation and spacing while maintaining a constant depth and seed-to-soil contact.


Advanced row unit design

1- Hydraulic downforce. Maintaining consistent depth with up to 350kg downforce.
2- Heavy duty parallel linkage. Reinforced cast iron arms for increased durability and reliability.
3- Floating row cleaners. Exceptional residue cleaning stars in toughest conditions. Optional side wheels for improved quality and stability.
4- Unique design 15’’ double disc openers with 9º between discs. Better seed placement with less compaction and soil disturbance.
5- Ground wheels and opener discs bearings with reinforced triple seals. Extra protection for longer life and lower maintenance costs.
6- Intermediate press wheels. Seeds are pressed into the bottom of the furrow ensuring constant depth and seed to soil contact for faster and uniform emergence .
7- Microgranular products hoppers. Up to two 20L hoppers, each featuring Isobus compatible electric drives with easy to adjust universal auger meter and up to 3 application points.
8- Large capacity hoppers 70L. More productivity and less refills, protected by moisture-tight covers with locks.
9- Most accurate and easy to use vacuum meters feature self-adjusting seed singulator and ejector wheel. Simple and reliable design allow for high precision seed metering at high working speeds and seeding rates.
10- Exclusive stepper motors with high torque at wide range of working speeds ensure high quality seed distribution across the field.

Tailored choices with one row unit

Wide range of options allows to specify planter for any customer needs, whether it is conventional, reduced tillage and direct seeding practices.

Planting perfection

The quality of the seed dosage has a direct impact on the final result. Each double seed reduces the yield potential of affected plants by 40-80%, and each omission results in a loss of yield opportunities of up to 100%. Each percentage improvement in seed singulation can increase yield potential by 1% or more. You can achieve up to 99% accuracy with our new Precision Planting distributor.

Hydraulic downforce

To maintain uniform depth VELOX is equipped with Hydraulic downforce system, with hydraulic cylinders ensuring equal pressure applied to every row, regardless of changing field conditions. Combined with tractor-to-planter Adaptive Weight Transfer system it can deliver up to ample 350kg pressure per row – sufficient to work in most challenging environments.

Seed meter

New vacuum seed meter by Precision Planting achieves accuracy of ≥99%. Benefit from the proven performance and reliability in metering various types and sizes of seeds. Velox seed meter is simple to adjust and maintain, as the seed singulator does not require adjustments. Additionally, it features a seed ejector wheel to clean seed disk holes and avoid skips.

Microproducts hoppers and meters

Ensuring that plants have proper protection and access to the specific nutrients at each growth stage is vital for their development and maximizing yield potential. Up to two micro-products can be applied either in the furrow between the closing wheels or seed openers, or over the furrow behind the closing wheels. Application of insecticides to protect seeds, starter fertilizers to support early plant development promote rapid plant’s growth. Each product is precisely metered by Isobus-compatible electric motors with section or row-by-row control, optimizing input utilization, reducing waste, and protecting the environment.


300/6 45-75

300/6 50-80

300/7 45-60 6F70-80

300/7 S 50-80

300/8 40-75

300/9 40-55

300/8 70-80

300/9 60-65

300/12 45-50
9F65 8F70-80

Frame type

Telescopic Telescopic, double


Number of rows










Row unit type


Row spacing adjustment

Hydraulic, with 5cm increments

Manual, continuous

Row spacing



7 rows 45-60cm
6 rows 70-80cm



9 rows 40-55cm
8 rows 65-75cm



12 rows 45-50cm
9 rows 65cm
8 rows 70-80cm

Seed meter

Vacuum meter with electric motor drives

Seed hoppers

70L each, with moisture-tight lids and locks

Row unit downforce

Hydraulic cylinders on each row, up to 350kg pressure / Springs with 6 settings, up to 250kg pressure

Weight transfer system

Hydraulic with proportional weight transfer, up to 1000kg additional frame load

Closing system

Two closing wheels with angle adjustment and 6 downforce settings up to 53kg

Fertilizer system

High-capacity system with the choice of frontal or planter mounted hoppers

Planter mounted hopper

1400L, air pressurised hopper


Frontal hopper

AURA, 2000L air pressurised hopper

Fertilizer metering

Modular volumetric meters, ISOBUS electric drives

Fertilizer distribution

Air flow, hydraulic driven turbine

Fertilizer openers

16’’ single disc openers or 15’’ double disc openers

Micro products application

Up to 2 hoppers per row, 20L each, ISOBUS electric drives, with 3 different application points

Row Cleaners

Floating design with easy height adjustment, 350mm stars with optional 255x45mm side wheels

Turbodisc + Row Cleaners

Includes 16’’ single disc coulter with 4 depths adjustments & row cleaners

Hydraulic row markers


Tractor power requirements

≥ 120 hp

≥ 130 hp

≥ 140 hp

≥ 160 hp

≥ 180 hp

Tractor hydraulic system requirements

Requires “Closed Centre” hydraulic system, max 40 l/min flow (70l/min with fertilizer system)

Number of hydraulic outlets

1 double acting - frame folding (standard)

1 double acting – vacuum turbine (standard)

1 double acting – fertiliser turbine (optional)

1 double acting – row markers (optional)

1 – free return line (standard)

Transport width